City of Richmond - Utilities Energy Services Manager (Energy Manager - Unclassified) in Richmond, Virginia

Sales and Marketing description does not apply.

This position will either manage the energy services division in the Department of Public Utilities or serve as the Sustainability Coordinator in implementing the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant.

Sustainability/Energy Efficiency

The purpose of this position is to work with federal, state and local partners to implement the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant and organize sustainable programming.


The purpose of the position is to manage the functions of the energy services division.The position is responsible for sales and marketing the City's utility services.The position plans, organizes, and implements programs within major organizational policies, and reports progress on major activities to executive level administrators through reports and conferences.

Supervision: *Exercised:Classification typically supervises. * Received:*Reports to the Director of Public Utilities or a Deputy CAO. * Note: Other reporting relationships may apply**

Example of Duties:

This position is Unclassified and serves at the will of the AppointingAuthority. City Residency is required within 12 months of hire.

The Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is seeking to fill the position of Energy Services Manager. The selected candidate willbe responsible for developing and implementing programs to reduce energy use (via energy efficiency and conservation) and enhance the amount of renewable energy use for city facilities and within the community. The position is located within the Office of Sustainability and reports to the Sustainability Manager.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting in the development of the city's RVAgreen 2050 Climate Action Plan, including identifying strategies to meet 80% by 2050 GHG emissions reduction targets, developing implementation plans, community engagement efforts and measuring and reporting progress;
  • Implementing Climate Action Plan strategies within the community and city agencies to meet 80% by 2050 GHG emissions reduction targets in areas including renewable energy, reducing energy demand in buildings, VMT reduction and transportation electrification;
  • Developing and implementing programs to reduce energy use (via energy efficiency and conservation) and enhance the amount of renewable energy use for city facilities and within the community;
  • Developing and maintaining collaborative and effective working relationships with other city departments, county, state, and federal agencies and organizations;
  • Fostering community-wide initiatives and cooperative partnerships to achieve measurable progress toward the city's 80% by 2050 GHG emissions reduction targets;
  • Staying abreast of and analyzing the impact of relevant regulatory and policy issues as well as current and proposed federal, state, and local legislation and economic trends;
  • Serving as the City of Richmond point of contact to Dominion Energy and representing the city with appropriate organizations, as needed;
  • Providing information to individuals, citizen groups, businesses and organizations on matters related to the city's energy and GHG emissions reduction efforts.
Qualifications, Special Certifications and Licenses:

**Minimum Qualifications:

Refer to the Minimum Qualifications for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency:**

Sustainability/Energy Efficiency:

  • Requires Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Environmental Science, Public Administration, or a related field. Master's, Law or other Advanced Degree preferred;
  • Requires five years of professional experience within a local government organization in areas involving policy analysis, project management and/or environmental planning;
  • LEED AP preferred.


  • Requires Bachelor's degree in Business or related field;
  • Requires four years of experience in utility sales and marketing;
  • An equivalent combination of training and experience (as approved by the department) may be used to meet the minimum qualifications of the classification;
  • No Special Certification or License required.

Preferred Qualifications:

In addition to the Minimum Qualifications for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency position:

Sustainability/Energy Efficiency:

  • B.A./B.S. in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical or other);
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM) (If not currently a Certified Energy Manager, the incumbent will be required to become one within a year of hire.)
  • At least three years of related experience with green building, energy audits and energy related projects;
  • At least three (3) years of experience with the development and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, life cycle cost analysis, energy cost and consumption management and energy procurement;
  • Project Management experience;
  • Experience in Change Management.
Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements:

PHYSICAL AND DEXTERITY REQUIREMENTS: Physical and dexterity refers to the requirement for physical exertion and coordination of limb and body movement.

Requires sedentary work that involves walking or standing some of the time, exerting up to 10 pounds of force on a regular and recurring basis, and routine keyboard operations.

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: Environmental hazards refer to the job conditions that may lead to injury or health hazards even though precautions have been taken.

The job risks exposure to no known environmental hazards.

SENSORY REQUIREMENTS: Sensory ability refers to hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell required by the job.

The job requires normal visual acuity, hearing and speaking ability.


The City of Richmond, Virginia is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ADA requires the City to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are invited to discuss accommodations.

Job Title: Energy Services Manager (Energy Manager - Unclassified)

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Salary: $2,695.00 - $4,863.46 Biweekly $70,070.00 - $126,450.00 Annually

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Public Utilities, 730 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia

Department: Public Utilities