APACHE CORPORATION Oil and Gas Demand Analyst, Energy Fundamentals in HOUSTON, Texas

Apache Corporation is an oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the United States, Egypt, and the United Kingdom North Sea. Apache was formed in 1954 with $250,000 of investor capital with the simple concept of becoming a significant and profitable oil and gas company, run for the long-term benefit of its shareholders. Today, Apache is one of the world's top independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, a top workplace in Houston, Texas and a most admired company globally. For additional information about Apache, please visit: Operating Locations 2017 Sustainability Report Apache Reports and Filings www.apachecorp.com Specific Responsibilities The Oil and Gas Demand Analyst for Apache Corporation will be a member of Apache's Energy Fundamentals team, reporting to the Senior Vice President, Planning and Energy Fundamentals. This role will be primarily responsible for the following: Performing quantitative analysis of global oil and gas markets; Creating frameworks to understand economics and geopolitical risks concerning oil and gas demand; Analyzing and creating reports on local, regional, and international oil and gas demand, past, present and future; Performing in-depth analysis, modeling and forecasting; Performing evaluations of oil and gas demand strategies; Keeping abreast of oilfield production risks and announced production growth targets for oil producing countries; Providing recommendations to senior leadership regarding current and future demand considerations; Creating models and tools to automate, increase accuracy and expedite analysis; Providing ad-hoc financial evaluations, reports, projections, and analysis as it relates to energy fundamentals; Working as a Team of Teams with internal stakeholders, including Apache's operating regions, Competitive Intelligence team, Midstream and Marketing team, and Government Affairs team to align business needs; Working closely with other members of the fundamentals team to create a cohesive supply and demand model; Tracking regional and global inventories to help with real-time calibration of the supply and demand model; Evaluating, in partnership with operations and other stakeholders, specific business objectives to maximize value and optionality while minimizing costs; Keeping abreast of new trends, research, and best practices in energy fundamentals. Professional Qualifications & Experience The successful candidate will have the following qualifications and experience: Knowledge of supply and demand economics; experience consulting for and/or working with oil and gas exploration and production businesses is a plus; Up to three years of experience as an analyst; experience working with energy producers or investors is a plus; Knowledge of data analytics, science, and technology; Knowledge of global economics and geopolitics; Strong oral and written communication skills, including through visual representation of data; Interpersonal, management, administrative, organizational, and leadership skills; Experience implementing sound decisions when faced with multi-faceted problems; Demonstrated ability to communicate vision and set goals; An undergraduate degree from a competitive four-year college or university, with strong academic credentials; An MBA or comparable post-graduate degree is a plus. Behavioral Competencies & Personal Characteristics The successful candidate will exhibit the following behavioral competencies and personal characteristics: An affinity for data and a curious mind; A Team of Teams mindset with the objective of aligning your vision, mission, and strategy with the company's overarching vision, mission, and strategy; A natural desire to work with a sense of urgency and a contrarian spirit; A solid grasp of economic, industry and competitive landscapes; The capability to change and generate process im