Michigan State Job Bank Director - Energy, Research and Innovation in Detroit, Michigan

style="text-align: justify;"It’s an exciting time to be at the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA)! GLWA employs hundreds of technical and administrative staff, all working to ensure effective wastewater treatment and to provide our award-winning drinking water to more than 80 wholesale customers in Michigan. GLWA is the recipient of AMWA’s 2017 Gold Award for Exceptional Utility Performance. style="text-align: justify;"We are looking for a Director of Energy, Research, and Innovation to drive performance and achieve groundbreaking change as it relates to GLWA’s vision, corporate strategy, policies and procedures; provides strategic leadership for innovation and knowledge exchange to promote collaboration and partnerships; contributes to building GLWA’s reputation and ranking within the water utility industry. As the Director of Energy, Research and Innovation to you be responsible for leading and coordinating GLWA’s comprehensive programs on emerging issues in water quality and water treatment. You will be responsible for formulating long-term programs for research in promising areas of inquiry. You will promote and securing funding sources to support research and development internally and through research partnerships. Responsibilities require an experienced knowledge of the scientific and engineering principles and processes applicable water quality and treatment, including areas of emerging research inquiry in related industries and developing trends in regulatory frameworks.h2Essential job functions:/h2ulli style="text-align: justify;"You will plan, organize, lead and handle a comprehensive program of advanced scientific and engineering research applicable to water treatment and water quality./lili style="text-align: justify;"You will identify emerging areas of potential research interest, coordinates and participates in securing grants and other sources of funding that support our objectives./lili style="text-align: justify;"You will author and review technical research reports for publication and conference presentation and represent GLWA in scientific and industry forums and with research partners./li/ulh2Required Education Experience/h2ulli style="text-align: justify;"Bachelor’s degree in engineering, chemistry, business administration, public administration or related discipline/lili style="text-align: justify;"A minimum of five (5) years of recent and dynamic managerial and administrative experience, including staffing, budgeting, project management, and operational experience in a specialty designation, preferably in connection with large-scale public or private operations/li/ulh2Required knowledge, skills, and abilities/h2Knowledge of:ulli style="text-align: justify;"Advanced research theory and principles applicable to the use of complex chemical, bacteriological and physical processes in the treatment and testing of water; applicable analytical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry as applied to the treatment and testing of raw and potable water;/lili style="text-align: justify;"Local, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to the production and treatment of potable water, including the Safe Drinking Water Act and relevant EPA and U.S. Public Health regulations;/lili style="text-align: justify;"Trends and developments in water treatment science, technologies, engineering, and operations; principles, methods and operational requirements and control parameters used in treatment and disinfection processes;/lili style="text-align: justify;"Project management principles, practices, and procedures; public administration, including budgeting, contracting and the maintenance of public records;