ASSOCIATED ELECTRIC COOP Energy Contract Originator in SPRINGFIELD, Missouri

The Springfield Headquarters is seeking applicants for an Energy Contract Originator position in the Engineering and Operations Divi-sion. The Energy Contract Originator is part of a team responsible for managing long term energy contracts contributing to $560 mil-lion in annual expenses or 54% of AECI's total expenses in 2017. These contracts involve natural gas, coal, rail, wind, and long term power supply. Duties include energy contract strategy, origination, negotiation, administration, railcar lease needs and car maintenance oversight, tariff review, internal coordination with legal team, and similar activities.Job Responsibilities: Develop and maintain long term strategy for ensuring gas supply to AECI plants, including analyzing economics and reliability of various gas contracting options, originating additional business relationships to support gas purchasing, and administering pipeline transportation agreements, and NAESB gas contracts for supply. Develop strategy, negotiate, and administer coal supply, rail and rail car lease agreements. Develop strategy, negotiate, and administer power purchase/sell agreements, addendums, operating guides, and similar agreements, including performance and availability calculations. Originate fuel hedge counterparties. Review and administer ISDA; monitor and report on Dodd Frank compliance activities. Foster and maintain relationships with strategic business partners, including power, gas, and coal suppliers, pipelines and energy industry consultants. Job Requirements: Bachelor's degree in a business or technical field, or demonstrate experience in fuels trading, procurement activities, and contract administration. Wholesale power marketing experience is preferred, including but not limited to, marketing practices, origination, negotiation, knowledge of generation assets parameters necessary to evaluate economic dispatch. Demonstrate knowledge of regulatory compliance applicable to the power, gas, coal, and rail industries. Demonstrate analytical skills using the Microsoft Office suite, with an emphasis on economic valuations and data management us-ing Excel. Obtain and maintain proficiency with gas pipeline nomination web applications and procedures. Effective written and oral communication skills are necessary to interact with all levels of the organization, consultants, and industry counterparties.