We Energies Services Manager (Customer Renewable Energy Experience) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This Services Manager ensures that customer renewable energy programs/services comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations; ensures proper tracking and analysis of renewable energy metrics; and represents the utility at relevant renewable energy events.

• Remaining persistently well-informed of new customer renewable energy customer programs/services/technologies both inside and outside of the utility industry.
• Identifies and champions new programs/services and enhancements to existing customer renewable energy offerings/outreach to address identified customer needs. .
• Oversee customer renewable energy data maintenance efforts, evaluate incoming projects for consistency.
• Takes ownership of program/service issues and works with key stakeholders to determine customer impact and communication needs.
• Prepares, monitors and manages to program/services budget.
• Evaluates program effectiveness (process/impact) in conjunction with Customer Insight Team
• Develops and implements plans to improve/promote customer renewable energy programs/services utilizing various channels of communication.
• Serve as point person for contractor/customer questions/inquiries, including care center call guides and correspondence, and training for consultants
• Ensure greater commissioning process standardization between WEC Energy Group Wisconsin utilities; develop resources for customer renewable energy project installers
• Attend relevant customer renewable energy meeting and conferences.
• Develops and maintains relationships with Public Service Commission staff and other stakeholders in public policy or customer programs.
• Assist with regulatory and rate case and PSCW requests;
• Track metrics, activities, and budget; and contribute to PSCW reporting for customer service conservation requirements

Experience with renewable energy programs that include working with customers and contractors is also required.

This is a job family posting where experience are the determining factor in level.