HBC Management Services Armed PSO with Depatment of Energy Clearance in MD, United States

HBC Management is currently recruiting for Protective Security Officers (PSO) to join our armed guard workforce at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for Department of Homeland Security -- Rockville, MD. location. Summary: In accordance with DHS protocols, the armed guard force is concerned with all matters relating to the security of the command, which include: 1. Provide security and safety for personnel, property, facilities, and assets. 2. Provide entry control point services to ensure unauthorized personnel, property, equipment, vessels or vehicles are deterred and denied facility ingress and egress. 3. Safeguarding the base against sabotage or any other incident that might jeopardize the normal operation of the command, such as theft, robbery, riot, lawlessness, demonstrations, etc. Duties: • Perform identification checks to ensure only authorized personnel and vehicles are allowed access to the facility. • May perform inspections to ensure only authorized commercial vehicles and cargo are allowed access to the facility. • May execute emergency ECP closure procedures during emergencies to ensure all ingress and egress of personnel, property, equipment, vessels or vehicles is denied. • May provide roving guard services and Perimeter and Interior Patrol that monitor facilities to ensure security breaches and criminal or suspicious activities are detected and reported in a timely manner. • May provide escort and courier services to ensure safe and timely delivery of personnel and property. • Assisting in plans and procedures to be followed in the event of any major catastrophe, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, conflagration, and hostile acts to insure adequate security measures are maintained within the command. In order to be considered, candidates must meet ALL of the following requirements and examination results must be favorable as defined by the DHS contractual requirements: Ideal candidates should have a minimum 3 years security experience within the past 5 years or 3 years military or National Guard (active duty or reserve). Prior DHS Suitability Required. 1. MUST HAVE A DEPT. OF ENERGY "Q" LEVEL CLEARANCE or Active DoD Top Secret Clearance at the minimum 2. Possess a valid automobile driver’s license. 3. Be a citizen of the United States of America. 4. Possess a high school diploma or equivalent 5. Successful completion of a state certified Law Enforcement Education and Training or Police Officer's Standard Training Course 6. Medical Evaluation & Drug Testing 7. Valid DHS Suitability Letter 8 . Be at least 21 years of age or be an honorably discharged veteran 9. Weapons Training & Test 10. Active Maryland Guard Card and Handgun Permit 11. Physical Fitness –All employees must be able to participate in the Physical Fitness program that tests endurance. HBC Management Services s an EEO employer D/V/M/G