Climatec, LLC Energy Group BAS Project Specialist in Irvine, California

Energy Group BAS Project Specialist I, II, & Sr.

 Level Descriptions:

  • Level 1 – Must be able to achieve many objectives of this position. Requires some amount of timely supervision to ensure the proper tasks are being accomplished and that communication is adequate, timely, in the correct manner (i.e. verbal, written, email, etc.)
  • Level 2 - Consistently achieves all of the objectives of this position. This individual also provides mentoring and direct day-to-day supervision to level 1 positions. 
  • Senior - Highly experienced in the position. Advanced awareness of the technical needs of both the controls system programming, integration to other systems, and very sophisticated HVAC strategies if working in the control field.  May act as a lead to assist others on very complex project tasks.  Also provides mentoring and direct supervision when required on projects.


Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provides input to Sales, Project Development and Operations regarding the technical and business considerations for Energy Projects. This input could be associated with equipment, sequence of operations or other control aspects particular to specific projects.
  • Provide assistance to develop Energy standards for database, graphics, programming, and sequences for the Energy Service group.
  • Provide direction and support to develop and maintain network protocols and remote access protocols for Energy Service projects.
  • Provide direction and support to educate 3rd party control vendors to Energy Service standards. I.e., sequencing, setpoints, scheduling and standard operations.
  • Develop and maintain standards for energy metering, including materials, protocols and point information.
  • Review and approve all controls system designs. Provide direction to in-house engineering and 3rd party control contractors.
  • Provide direction and assistance as needed for debug installation issues during both the static and dynamic start up and commissioning of building controls.
  • Maintain start up documentation including daily logs, check out logs, commissioning documents, etc. as required for Energy Service projects.
  • Maintain project back-up protocols and procedures.
  • Become proficient in California title 24 and Prop 39 regulations to provide support to Climatec and other subcontractors to solve design issues.
  • Explore and discover new energy saving technologies that can be used in future projects.
  • Provide assistance to M&V as needed.
  • Provide direction as required to complete submittals and other engineered drawings accurately and professionally.
  • Assist in preparing of As-built drawings and Operation & Maintenance Manuals.
  • Interpret project documents, estimate, and other information as available to select the proper equipment to achieve the scope of work required in the most economical and functional manor.
  • Ensures project documents, estimate, and other information are available to all necessary personnel to maximize Climatec’s productivity on the project.
  • Determines if customer expectations are similar to Climatec’s and if these can be achieved based upon Climatec’s estimate or contractual scope. Provides feedback on this as appropriate internally and externally.
  • Coordinates with Subcontractor or internal installation team to ensure maximized installation productivity.
  • Identifies change order opportunities and coordinates with sales to document, pursue, and book them.
  • Provide support to Climatec and other contractors to solve building operating issues that go beyond the controls or special systems operation.
  • Communicate with internal employees as required to ensure Climatec labor is accurate and timely and estimated productivity is achieved in all areas.
  • Provide leadership and input to others as requested or required to assist in the accurate estimation, design, installation, start up, commissioning, and training for building systems.
  • Communicate with external organizations as required such as consulting engineers, building owners, and other contractors to ensure accurate and timely engineering.
  • Provide support for ongoing service engineering and support for existing building systems. Provide Controls or Special Systems database, graphics, programming, etc. for sequences as provided by Design Specialists, project specifications, or other sources as applicable.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Skills & Qualifications:

  • Minimum of high school diploma.
  • Two year technical degree in HVAC or Electronics related studies preferred. An undergraduate degree in Electrical, Mechanical, Construction Management, or other related studies is excellent. 
    • Other technical experience such as military, on the job training programs, etc. may meet this requirement as determined by local manage

  • Experience and expertise including but not limited to:

  • An understanding of computer operating systems including MS Office Suite of products.
  • The ability to configure and debug basic computer and networking problems.
  • Experience with programming.
  • A clear ability to work with electronic equipment such as volt meters, amp meters, oscilloscopes, etc.
  • The ability to troubleshoot basic electric and electronic circuitry including reading and interpreting electrical and electronic diagrams.
  • A working understanding of AC power circuitry including breakers, multi-phase power, etc. (120VAC and greater)
  • Clear and concise ability to communicate verbally and in writing.
  • An ability to understand empathetically the issues and perceptions others have and to creatively and successfully work through these issues to achieve a successful outcome and customer and employee satisfaction.
  • A thorough understanding of HVAC operations within a facility if working in the controls field. 
  • Level 2 and Senior Project Specialists have a very deep understanding of the controls or special systems that control buildings.  They also understand the other systems involved in the mechanical and electrical portions of building controls.
  • Level 2 and Senior Project Specialists also have the experience to provide extensive integration support for a multitude of building systems.


Essential Functions:

  • Be able to lift and carry ladders, drawings, personal computers, material, etc.
  • Be able to spend significant time standing and walking on construction sites.
  • Be able to climb several flights of stairs or ladders throughout a typical day on a construction site.
  • Maintain a satisfactory driving record which, per Climatec’s vehicle policy, allows the individual to drive a company vehicle.