Michigan Technological University Central Energy Plant Operator in Houghton, Michigan

Supervise the complete shift operation of the Central Energy Plant, Heating Ventilating, Air Conditioning (span class="caps"HVAC/span) Central Control System, Steam Distribution System, Diesel Generators, and Fuel Storage Facility. Assist in the planning, scheduling, operation, and maintenance of the central energy plant. While on assigned shift: 1. Is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the steam plant, electric generating plant, fuel storage facility and steam distribution system. Duties include operating the plant independently without immediate assistance 2. Is responsible for monitoring, controlling and scheduling ofspan class="caps"HVAC/spanequipment in campus buildings through thespan class="caps"HVAC/spanCentral Control System. Duties include receiving short term and long term schedule requests and operating thespan class="caps"HVAC/spancontrol systems accordingly. Monitoring alarms and notifying facilities maintenance staff of needed corrections. 3. Is responsible for operation and maintenance of the boiler water treatment system including water testing, chemical inventory and reporting.4. Is responsible for natural gas nominations and balancing; fuel oil deliveries and inventory; monitoring and reacting to the real timespan class="caps"MISO/spanelectrical energy market; reacting to natural gas operational flow orders.5. Maintains plant records; assists in development and implementation of operating, maintenance and emergency procedures. 6. Is assigned as the lead operator in one or more of the following assigned areas: generator maintenance, steam plant maintenance, water treatment,span class="caps"HVAC/spancentral controls, safety compliance, monthly reports or procedure development. 7. Performs routine inspections and preventative maintenance on plant equipment.8. Assists in boiler inspections and annual steam plant maintenance. 9. Contributes to a safe working environment by following University safe work procedures, wearing assignedspan class="caps"PPE/span, actively participating in safety training and development of safe work procedures. Completes all assigned safety training on schedule and attends assigned meetings and classes. Assists in correcting unsafe conditions. 10. Commits to learning about continuous improvement strategies and applying them to everyday work. Is actively engaged in University continuous improvement initiatives. 11. Performs other duties as assigned. Supervisory Responsibilities: Functional supervision is exercised over Mechanic/Operators and student assistants.