CLEAResult Energy Efficiency Program Manager in Fort Smith, Arkansas

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Job Description

Directs all phases of client programs, from inception through completion. Responsible for the cost, implementation and performance of company programs or subsystems of major programs. Participates in the negotiation of contract and contract changes. Coordinates the preparation of business plans, work statements and specifications, operating budgets and financial terms/conditions of contract. Ensures the development process is congruent with current market trends, program goals, and client needs. Acts as the primary customer contact for program activities, leading program review sessions with customer to discuss cost, schedule, and performance. Develops new business or expands the product line with the client. Analyzes problem/opportunity areas of assigned programs and evaluates options. Evaluates performance and makes recommendations on marketing actions. Establishes milestones and monitors adherence to program plans and schedules, identifies program problems and obtains solutions, such as allocation of resources or changing contractual specifications. Determines the profitability and viability of new products or program enhancements. Develops strategies and tactics to ensure effective program performance relative to market opportunity, working closely with company functional groups over the entire life cycle. Directs the work of employees assigned to the program from technical, marketing, operations, analytics, and administrative areas.

• Manage one large program (typically $5-10m annual revenue without incentives) or a large portfolio of smaller client contracts

• Contributes to or leads contract creation and executes contracts for compliance and client satisfaction

• Direct and coordinate multi-function teams typically consisting of 10-30 people

• Direct people management, including other program managers, with span of control for 2-5 people, plus contractors (ACWs)

• Programs are often strategic and / or have high complexity and risk (either new programs, new clients or complex client relationships)

• Leads process & tool improvement

• May create technical content & intellectual property

Manages experienced professionals who exercise latitude and independence in their assignments. Often heads one or more sections or a small department.

Decisions have an impact on work processes and outcomes. Erroneous decisions or recommendations or failure to complete assignments normally result in serious delays and considerable expenditure of additional time, human resources, and funds.

Moderate future growth represented in discrete products or components that include derivative technologies (exclude follow-on business). Long-range forecast is projected to continue five or more years.

Program serves single customer and requires coordination of program requirements across planning stages with several subcontractors.

Program is contained at a single domestic location. Multiple business functions are represented by the employees directly assigned to the program.

Established technologies that require the application of advanced principles, theories, concepts, and techniques to provide solutions to a variety of technical problems. Requires coordination of technologies across program requirements.